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More and more people shop online these days - and the training industry is joining that trend.

Our parent company Xyz has seen a rise in online bookings for training courses from just over 5% of total bookings received in 2013 to an amount now nearing 25%.

And your new website is built to do just the same..

By default we display your phone number and regular email address at the top of your site in order for clients to get in contact.. (You can always opt out of this being displayed by the way). But perhaps more importantly, on every page of yours we create, we put in a contact form so that clients can make an enquiry or send you a short message. Adding this contact form is especially important when it is a new client with no active or current relationship with you and they have found you after making a web search looking for a particular training type or other.

Protected from spam bots, the forms on your site simply take basic contact information from the client and send any message they submit directly onto you. All you need do is sign in to your Xyz account and read or reply to messages or booking enquiries from there.

We do not get involved or harvest the details of any enquiries you receive and don’t touch your enquiries in any way at all. That client has found you, so your enquiry it is. Hopefully some business will come your way as a result. In fact, we guarantee it. If you've paid for a premium membership and you do not get back your membership fee in new business generated as a direct result of the website we've created for you, we give you back your fee in full. No quibbles. Why not send an enquiry to yourself from your MyTrainingWebsite to see how it all works?

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TrainingWebsite.co.uk is owned and operated by Xyz Training Group Ltd, a company that owns and operates some of the UK's largest training and professional development websites.

Xyz Training Group has been helping UK training companies sell more training courses since 2004 - at time of writing nearly 20,000 UK training companies are now, what we call, our partners.

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