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As mentioned on the previous page, your new site has a responsive layout and is built upon an html5 framework, meaning that it is designed to look great on any device - automatically.

Why..? Well, in this modern era, more and more people are accessing the web whilst on the move and this year is in fact the first year that mobile browsing has overtaken desktop browsing for the 1st time in the webs somewhat short history.

Experts also believe that mobile browsing is only set to increase and we, for one, don't dispute that. Google has also recently announced that search result listings and order of results will be much more geared toward favouring / promoting those sites which look great and work on any device.

You’ll be pleased to learn that your new MyTrainingWebsite is built exactly like that. Whether your visitors are viewing your MyTrainingWebsite on a 27” wide iMac monitor or on an Ipod, the content will look great. We adjust the content and the layout depending upon what device is access your site. So if someone is looking to buy your training whilst communting on the train or sat at their office desk, the experience they get will be the same. We hope, a good one. So why not check it out for yourself. Once you’ve got started with your free Xyz account and added some content, click the webpage link from your phone or tablet - see how it looks for yourself

Building a fully functioning website with compelling and unique content shouldn't take you more than half an hour or so. And we guarantee you that it bring in new business.

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Xyz Training Group has been helping UK training companies sell more training courses since 2004 - at time of writing nearly 20,000 UK training companies are now, what we call, our partners.

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