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Whilst the layout or framework of your new website is kind of set in stone, the content that's displayed is entirely up to you.

Ok, here's the technical part (please don't doze off) - the latest technology on the web is called HTML5. You may have heard this term mentioned before. Also terms like Bootstrap and Responsive design are all the rage right now - and this is exactly what your new site is built upon. In short, its technology that displays a website based upon the browser or device thats viewing the site. No more overflowing content or tiny fonts unreadable to the naked eye when viewing your site on a small device, your website will adjust the content of each page to fit the device screen of the person that's viewing it; be that a phone, a tablet or a regular desktop computer.

What content gets displayed on that site however is entirely up to you. Be that images, the courses you provide, your company strapline text etc etc - all customisible and editable by you.

So, provided you upload the correct image format, preferably in the size we require, your homepage can look like anything you want it to look like. We have provided you some stock images to get you started, but if you don’t want to use those, that’s fine - just upload your own.

The inner pages require very little in the way of customisation because we generate them based on the content we have already, like your course information or the dates of your next open / public course - If we have it, we simply display it. And don't worry if certain pieces of content are missing or not added yet, thats ok, we just skip printing it and move the other content blocks about so that there’s no large gaps on the page.

As soon as you add content to your account your site will update immediately, meaning that your visitors get live and up-to-date information about the courses you provide.

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Xyz Training Group has been helping UK training companies sell more training courses since 2004 - at time of writing nearly 20,000 UK training companies are now, what we call, our partners.

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