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What are open training courses? Well, these are also known as public courses. Any course that an individual with the right pre-requisites (if there are any) can join, simply by paying a fee. These courses normally involve the training company themselves setting up a fixed date or dates, selecting a venue and the course type and then advertising this date and course as for sale to individuals. In contrast to what we would call private courses, designed purely for one client, open training courses are available to anyone, to multiple clients from different organisations and where the learning is fixed or the same.

Open courses work fantastically well on our network. Not only do we make it really easy to add open course dates to your account via your user dashboard, you only have to select your course, select your venue and then tell us the price - but we ourselves will then take that information and advertise that course across our own network on Xyz.co.uk where we'll do the selling and client support for you.

And when that course is full or if the start date has passed, your training website will automatically remove that course from your website. And if Google still has links to that expired course, then when any visitors arrive on that page looking for the course, we'll tell them about the next date you have approaching.

And what if you have hundreds of course dates, perhaps thousands. Or what if the same course happens at the same venue every week and adding them all one by one doesn't sound like a fun task? Well, we've got a few tools to help you. You can upload your courses to us by spreadsheet, simply by downloading your own template. Or, if the same course happens at the same venue time and time again where only the date changes, you can use our multi-date uploader from within your user dashboard.

Oh wait, theres more... If you have relationships with other training brokers, you can distribute your open courses to them using a technology called XML. All you need do is give them your XML link which we give you within your user dashboard with us. Your open courses, wherever they print on the internet, will then always be up to date everywhere.

But please, don't take our word for it, log in or sign up and check it out for yourself.. Ahem.. Its free don't you know..

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